Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hobby plan for 2014 (for now)

Now that Adepticon is over, and I honestly don't have any major tournaments planned this year, I can settle down and work on things I've been meaning to get at.

1.  Cleaning.  First off... I really need to get my basement area in order.  A major spring cleaning is needed to assess what I have and prepare to do some gaming down there now that our usual gaming location is closed.  Good news is I should be able to host at least 4 4' x 6' tables going at once, so it should be a good bbq/beer/dice rolling afternoons.

2.  Painting Imperials.  Next is tackling my imperial army, "Knights Angelus".  This is my catch all marine & guard contingent that follows the red / silver / gold color scheme.  I should have my new guard codex coming this week so I can get a better idea on how the codex plays.

This is the scheme I've been using.  Black has been toned down (highlights) since
Especially with how the allies rules play, I like to have a visually connected army.  The more I think about it, I think I will adapt the Knight titans and even titan legion to the same color scheme. I had planned on doing one of the traditional ones, but I think I'll just do my own scheme.

My goal is just to start painting what I have.  I've been wanting to get off the Tau train and do a boatload of marines on the board.  Even if it doesn't perform well, I just need a change of pace.  That way whatever fun things I want to try I'll have miniatures painted ready to go.  It's not like I don't have tons of plastic sitting in boxes.

3.  TERRAIN! Yep, as soon as the weather gets nice outside, I'm getting over my airbrush intimidation and am going to paint up tons of terrain.  Mainly I want to get a few tables ready for Infinity but as soon as the secret weapons miniatures kickstarter boards get delivered I'll want to get paint on them as well.  Plus I have a ton of zuzzy mats that can get painted.

This will be a fun project since it isn't just painting miniatures for tournaments.  I had so much fun working on our team tournament "avatar" themed board, I really want to do more of that that actually has a gaming purpose.

4. Infinity.  I want to get back to painting these guys so bad!  Get a good Merovingian (french) force painted and together, and I have an idea on making a real cool bold color schemed Haqislam force.  It was so fun painting models and not armies, I can't wait.  Problem is, I hope I didn't break my painting mojo and remember how I did the mixes.  I had some miniatures half finished when I put it on hold.

We need friends!
5.  Team Tournament Adepticon 2015.  Finally, I can't forget to get an earlier start on planning for 2015 team tournament.  Adeptus Film Co. really wants to take it to the next level and get our army painted to match the theme.  Last year we worked a theme around the army and we'd like to try the other way first.  The big challenge will be finding a scheme that people will want to use post-con.  I think most of us really don't want an army that only is used at adepticon then really has no playability after.  We need some beers and food to think it through.

Well there you have it.  My thoughts on the projects I want to work on.  Let's see in a year how much came to fruition or if I got sucked into something out of the blue.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Infinity Terrain Ideas from Adepticon

I'm always on the hunt for terrain ideas and concepts and had the chance to sneak into the Infinity area to take some pictures.  It's good to see what is an appropriate amount of terrain so I can get an idea when I do my massive build-out this spring/summer.  Onto the photo dump!

very cool use of a bucket to make a tower terrain.  I need to find the designer of this.
Using the clear storage containers, next trip will be to the container store!
Using model railroad terrain I think - need to get more details on this.

Apparently this is chinese lantern kits.  Crazy! 

Now I need to get off my butt and get over the intimidation of airbrushing.  I've been hard at work assembling buildings...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Adepticon Team Tournament Recap

We had a blast!  This was my 11th team tournament (had to miss it one year due to a vacation) and is definitely one of the more fun events.  This year the Adeptus Film Co. went all out for theme type stuff outside of our armies and displays base.  Here's some of the pieces of flair.

- Avatar 2 movie posters
- (for the Greater) Good-bar candy bars to give away
- new shirts and our usual directors hats and scarves
- jungle sounds and music playing under curtain.
- an actual movie trailer created for the base.

We unfortunately didn't get any practice in the games so we went right down the middle for battle points.  Some tough match ups with wave serpents all over the place.  I ended up going 2-2-1 so it's about as average as you can get!  I think as a team we've just decided to go for theme and painting and scrap the potential of battle points.

With that said, we won best Xenos!  It seems to be my award, it's the 4th time I've won that one.  Alien scum for the win!

Here's how our board ended up turning out.

I didn't take any shots of the games, but there were so many beautiful armies.  Here are some inspirational pictures.  I wish I would have remembered to take my camera out more, my wife always gives me a hard time for constantly forgetting.  I wish I could have seen the shadow box display.  There was always a line.  That is a concept I've been dying to do for a Death Korps of Kreig army display.

sucking the life out of the imperial world.  Even had "fluid" rising
I loved the backdrop effort that went into this

Very thought out theme.  Great building, tone of detail

Our friends from the north, team Quebec!

Next year we're putting Danny in a costume

Team Handsome's beautifully painted Eldar.  Gorgeous

swooping hawk themed wraith knight

dark reaper themed wraith knight

Chicago Kamikaze's brought flowing water... loved it!

Next year we're really going to try and design the miniatures to fit into a movie.  Any ideas on a cool theme?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Champs Coverage

Another great year of Adepticon.  Had a blast and am still trying to recover my voice (from yelling over the crowds).  We had a blast running the 40k friendly and were happy with all the great games we had on the team tournament.

I figured since I never take great notes on the games, I'd just post some cool pictures and an overall recap with how things went.  This post will focus on the 40k Championships.

The great thing about this event was there was absolutely no pressure for me.  I was 100% committed to running the 40k Friendly on friday so no matter what if I advanced I planned on rejecting... like I really had a shot.  I ended up winning my first games, 2nd being against my team tournament and regular gaming partner Jeff (small world).  The third game I lost against Bill Kim who ended up winning the overall for Thursday, and the last game I lost against a great opponent with a beaststar.  Was my first experience against it and surprisingly I was able to take it out - at the cost of a good portion of my army.

I had a great time with 4 great opponents.  I think I ended up around 57th our of 220 players.  Not too shabby with as little practice I get in.

Here's the army in all it's glory that I took.

One thing I realized is I just hate static shooting.  Whereas the broadsides were a huge deterrent and a focal point for my opponents, I don't like not being able to move with them.  I think I'd much rather go a third skyray and third riptide to keep mobility.  Either way, Tau are getting shelved for awhile while I work on my imperial forces.

Now for the massive photo dump... captions in the photos!  I realized that either my camera is getting worse or I just was way too unsteady while I was taking photos.  Sorry if the quality wasn't 100%.  Time to get a tripod.

first round against Tyranids.  I stole the initiative which is really harsh when playing Tau.  Kind of went downhill from there.
Second round against Jeff's armor 14/13 brigade. Way more difficult then I thought it would be but ultimately pulled out the win.  Serious amount of lascannons!
Bill Kim's demons in round 3
The beasts of slannesh ended up being my undoing.  Just didn't have a solution to get rid of them.  Ended up having a sole kroot on the table at the end!
Round 4 opponent's beaststar elder
Killed the beaststar in the end, but didn't have enough to pull a win.  Going 1st is rough when there are jet bikes on the board to grab objectives.  
Next post will cover the 40k team tournament.
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