Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tablescapes: Urban Street Painting 2

I've been slacking on my painting.  Work and life have gotten in the way.  Here are some more progress shots of the tablescape urban tiles. 

I first started by airbrushing in the Badger Airbrush "Cracked Soil.  I did it around all the drains, manhole covers, and craters. 

I then worked into the craters some darker brown.  I used the Badger Muddy Brown to do that.  Finally I pulled in the black color in the center of the craters and I covered all of the metal work.

Next step is to paint all the metal work silver then wash it with an armor wash.  I'll then be on to the stuff I don't have any experience on... masking fluid to break up the yellow painted street markings!  After that I'll work on oil washes and weathering powders. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tablescapes: Urban Streets Tile Painting 1

I admit, I'm super scared of my airbrush.  I think the older I get the more I realize there is a learning curve on new skills and question whether it's worth diving into it.  Sad, huh?  But I decided what is a better way to learn airbrushing then some relatively flat tiles.  Maybe if I get the hang of that I can start trying out miniatures.

I figured I also am super scared of doing weathering powders and oils... so why not jump full on and try all these new skills!  I'd love to apply it to vehicles and terrain.

I picked up a ton of the Secret Weapon miniatures tiles.  I have enough of the clean and damaged urban streets to probably do 12 or 16 feet of gaming tables.  I originally thought I could use them for Infinity but the roads are a little too wide.  Now that I'm on a Death Korps kick, I thought it would be cool to do them in an urban setting as they're trudging through a bombed out city.  I'm also tempted to do a genestealer cult and Deathwatch pairing duking it out in an urban setting.

With that said, I dove in now that the weather is nice.  I primed all of the bases black then started with my first couple of spray paint coats.  I first started with Rustoleum Self Etching Primer.  It's an awesome greyish color with a hint of green.  The picture outside makes it out to be way lighter then it is, but you get the idea.  I hit all the roads with that in an uneven pattern.

I then masked off all of the roads and hit the sidewalks and concrete areas in a base of the Rustoleum Nutmeg.  It'll give me a brownish undercoat that I can layer on the grey. 

I kept with uneven coats through that, letting some areas of the black undercoat show through.  Here's most of my stack of the tiles I'll now begin airbrushing.  I started last night and after a ton of mistakes and learning, I finally got the hang of it. 

I worked in the Minitaire Concrete Slab into the sidewalks and then added it into the highlighted areas in the streets after I pulled off the masking.  Funny enough the first picture was with the garage door closed at night, and the other two were from this morning.  Lighting makes a difference.

I ended up finishing about half the tiles, and got really fast towards the end.  Next steps I'm going to work in more earth tones, and figure out if I paint the striping on the streets or do the blast marks next.  Then on to the scary oils, washes, and weathering!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Death Korps of Krieg - Next Big Project

I think I've solidified it that I'm going to go Death Korps of Krieg as my next big project.  I've had the models since they first came out and I absolutely love the sculpts.  I think I'll go a pretty traditional greys on the uniforms with khaki color pants. 

For basing, I'm thinking of doing some sort of burnt out city.  Demolished urban setting.  I think it would be pretty sweet to make cool themed terrain for them to walk over. 

The biggest challenge I have is how to do weathered and battle damaged tanks.  I've never worked with weathering powders and my tanks always look pristine.  It's intimidating.  I could use any recommendations on books, or tutorials that are out there. I want to spend the extra time to make the product really pop.

My first list is going to be modeled after the Krieg Assault Brigade.  It'll get me the chance to paint up a bunch of infantry and some small artillery pieces like mortars and thud guns.  Also a mix of a few tanks.  I'll tackle a cavalry and heavy artillery list in the 2nd wave. 

Any thoughts or help on weathering & battle damage would be great!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Adepticon Recap

Adepticon has come and gone and I'm in detox mode!  Making things up to the wife for being away so much and cleaning up the wake of my mad hobby cramming.  It was a blast.  I wish I had the chance to practice with my army, but in the end I had a great time.

Started off with the 40k champs.  I got smoked and got very minimal battle points, but it seemed like whenever I needed the game to go on, it didn't and whenever I needed it to end it kept going!  I won't use those as excuses, had 3 out of 4 games were a ton of fun. 

I didn't expect it, but my army ended up placing 2nd for appearance points.  For something I finished up late the night before (and had to take some shortcuts), I was really happy with the results. I'm thinking I should keep on the chaos kick and paint the miniatures I wasn't able to get to. Might as well while I'm still into the army even though I'm a bit burnt out. 

Friday was the 40k Friendly. Jeff and I did the Blues Battle Brothers as a theme this year and everyone seemed to have a good time. Unfortunately we were a little short staffed so I was stuck behind the computer most of the tournament.  Next year we'll rectify that... and we're very close to having a theme for 2017.

Then the team tournament.  The display board turned out great, and didn't get damaged as we assembled it on site.  Whether or not it's OK now is another story, as I have yet to reassemble it as parts are in my garage awaiting it's permanent stay in my basement.

We did pretty average on the games, I won big or lost big and ended up getting three max scores and two zeroes for battle points.  One of the losses we were in it to the end, it was close to being a tie had I played a little bit smarter. 

Here's some pictures from my camera on how the base turned out, I wish I would have taken better shots.  The lighting didn't seem to come through.

We were so trying for best heretical team.  As the awards ceremony went on, we were bummed we missed that and best display... when we got totally surprised and our team won best theme.  It's the ultimate for us, and everyone's hard work paid off. 

Over the next few days I'll post more of the miniatures I painted up over the week.  I think I've decided on my next few 40k projects. 

- Add some necrons for a few fun builds
- Work on a marine gladius list, flush out my marines
- Finally tackle the death korps of krieg. I've had these miniatures ever since they came out.  I've been dying to get some paint on them.  It might even be my big project for Adepticon next year.

Now on to cleaning the house!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chaos Display Boards - Painting

I'm so scrambling to get things done before Adepticon.  I have about 60 figures that are 95% done.  As soon as I add the finishing touches I'll post some unit pictures. 

In between painting my wife helped me a bit more on the two display boards I'll use throughout the year and the Adepticon Championship.  After carving, I put a layer of latex paint down to help seal the boards.  Then did a few layers of greys to get a base down and some browns around the sand. 

We then started with painting random individual stones slightly lighter or darker colors.  Thanks again to my wife with the help on this!

I then put a few layers of a gloss coat on to assist with some oil washing.  I prepared a stinky batch of black/brown oil wash to line the cracks of the stone and darken some of the stones and sand. 

To add some random elements of terrain I created some more brazier "fires" and picked up a couple of fish tank aquarium decorations and painted them. The Mayan looking one will eventually have simulated fire coming out the sides that are open.  The big mouth sculpture will go over the blood river on the back of the base. 

I then sealed them with a matte coat to lock in the oils and taped off the top so I could apply a spray lacquer to the frame.  All of these coats and sprays spanned about a week of work between dry times.  The fun part was next.  Blood splatters in random places and I filled the river with the first coat of the blood.  I also did some green/brown water for the areas on the side. 

I need to wait until things are completely dry before I put the static grass on, that will probably be the night before the tournament.  There they are!  I'll get some completed pictures done at the tournament.  I'm still debating on whether I go with the large or smaller base.  We'll have to see how the miniatures fit. It'll be a long couple of late nights as I try to get as many painted as possible.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Goredrinker Kill Tally Counter

If you know me, or kept up with my blog you know I love counters and tokens (as shown by my Khorne counter).  I've created another tracker to help remind me of things.  I created this guy to keep track of the number of kills my chaos lord with Goredrinker racks up.  Since each result means a different thing, I don't want to forget!

I figure if and when I ever run the Hell forged Hunting Pack, I can use it for that as well. I found some metal skull beads, they work perfect!

The crunch is here.  Almost finished with a bunch of models.  I'm close to getting my requried ones done for the team tournament and singles, but I'm not sure how many summoned models I'll get to.  My wife helped me more with the display board, more on that shortly!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Chaos Display Boards - Carving

I figured, why not throw two big projects in while I'm scrambling to get everything painted for Adepticon.  Depending on whether I run a big or small army, I like to do two size display boards.  One is 18 x 24, and the other is 24 x 30. 

My friend was able to hook me up with some additional sheets of the high density foam.  I bought some wooden trim and framed the foam and glued/nailed it in place.  Luckily my same friend was able to make some stencils for me to knock out some chaos symbols.  I'm going to integrate some of the Dragon Forge tiles into it to give it the cool Mayan headhunter temple theme.

My wife (and cat) helped me out coming up with the pattern for each.  I have a Mayan statue that will be in the middle of the board where the river of blood will flow from.  On one side will be a path on the small board.  The big board will have two paths flanking the river.

The central Khorne symbol will be brass with rivets.  I'm debating on whether the chaos symbols should be done in metal or look like they're just carved out of the stone.  On each board I'll have a dirt area like the temple is going up against the "forest".  Plus it disguises where I screwed up the trim and had to put filler in since I didn't cut the trim to a perfect match of the foam.


I then went about doing super carving with the dremel in the garage to not kick up so much dust.  I carved out areas for each of the tiles so they can be set in the foam.  Since we already found out that this foam eats spray/primer, I'm going to put a heavy layer of laytex paint on to seal before I work my spray paint. 

Tonight I'll cut up some rivets and finish up my cultists.  Here's what I have to finish... all in like 8 days!

- final painting of the 20 cultists
- final painting of the soul grinder
- 14 khorne dogs
- 8 "biker" chaos Calvary
- Angroth (super thirster)

Summoned stuff I want to paint
- Skull Cannon
- 2 daemon princes
- More blood letters and dogs
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