Friday, March 27, 2015

Wild West Exodus - Awesome Kickstarter

Being a big fan of Jim Wappel's blog, I couldn't help but look at the cool Wild West Exodus miniatures.  They really are some amazing sculpts and I love the whole theme.  So at Adepticon I picked up a couple factions (Union and Holy Order) and the rulebook. 

The kickstarter is a great chance to get some good discounts on getting into the game.  I'm really digging the Golden Army and the Confederates.  Check it out when you get the chance!

Wild West Exodus - Unfinished Business

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Awesome Infinity Terrain

I am so psyched to get into Infinity.  Probably the most exciting part is the awesome terrain and how to immerse yourself in the urban sprawl.  I stopped by the infinity tournaments and took some shots of their amazing terrain for inspiration. 

Now that Adepticon is done, I can work on my resolution to lay off the army building and focus on skirmish games like Infinity and Wild West Exodus!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Team Tournament - Our Finished Product!

Adepticon has come and gone, and we had an awesome time.  Our team, the Adeptus Film Co. runs the 40k Friendly and we had a ton of fun orchestrating the shenanigans of the Friday tournament.  If you played in it, I hope you had a good time!

Here is our final display for the 40k Team Tournament.  I'll post the remaining miniatures I painted later this week.  I was really happy with our showing.  We got into the army showcase and came so close to winning an award.  We ended up finishing 11th overall, which isn't too shabby since none of us had played the armies until the tournament. 

Our theme was modeled after the first war of Armageddon, and since we do movie themes, we appropriately did Armageddon as Bruce Willis as the chapter master, Sean Connery as the Great Wolf, and Hugh Jackman as Abbadon.  I should have gotten a better picture of the poster!

In the middle of the ruined city we did a flickering light lift where the knight titan rose up to help out the embattled city.

We were a little bummed out we didn't get best Imperial theme, but we'll have to step up our game for next year and try again!  Now the big debate on which army we pick and how to theme it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Malcador Infernus - Flame on!

Yes this model's rules are a bit wonky but it should explode in glorious fashion!  I ended up magnetizing the ball joint so I can transport it easier, it is one long model. 

Looking forward to the Adepticon Friendly the 13th, we've run the event the last 2 years and have had a blast in the process. On for some crazy fun!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boom goes the Medusa

The last month since the birth of my daughter has been an eye opener.  I thought, "how much could a newborn take in time, she'll just be sleeping right"?  I was wrong.  The lack of sleep and lack of drive meant the last three weeks I barely painted! With adepticon here, I had to scramble. 

Here are the pictures of the finished Medusa ready for the 40k Team Tournament.  It's a nice model, I just wish I would have positioned the gun a little down for ease of transport.  Not that it's that tall, but I could then pack it with other models. It's painted with my Knights Angelus scheme to match all the imperials together in their red & silver glory!

With the baby and work being busy, I dropped from the 40k championship going on as we speak.  I'll put in my day of work then head over to check out the convention.  Unfortunately I also have to paint like a madman to finish off the last of the team tournament miniatures.  Here is what is on the docket tonight, 11 half finished bikes!!! 

Tomorrow I'll post up the finished Malcador Infernus as well as play around with my shiny new camera at the convention. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Punisher Pask & Pal

The Astra Militarum 1k list for the team tournament is nearing completion!  I just finished up a Leman Russ Punisher with Pask (I use a commissar), and a Leman Russ Vanquisher as his squad mate to help strip hull points.  I'm using the same red/silver scheme as the rest of my list. 

I'm going to magnetize the dozer blades on the front in case I don't want to use them in the game, plus they fit easier in the battlefoam pre-cut templates I have.

Next up on the painting docket is the Malcador Infernus and the Medusa and I'm done with the 1k for that list!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Guard Troops!

Finally got my first Imperial Guard (still can't get  used to saying Astra Militarum) unit finished with the new paint scheme.  This will be the obligatory troop unit for our guard list.  The bases need some grass and dead leaf litter, I'll probably add all that in one evening.

For the sergeant, I used a head from Victoria Miniatures, and did a little weapon swapping to add the boltgun.  I want to be able to identify the miniature easily in combat to make sure I'm not pulling the sergeant, so the different colored hat is helpful (especially for blobs).

Almost finished with my leman russ tanks, they're next on the docket!  Adepticon is coming up so fast!
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