Monday, May 19, 2014

Imperial Knight Paladin Finished!

First one is done!  Yeah that's right, finally got my first knight titan finished.  What a fun model.  Lots of areas I was able to completely load up on heraldry.  I decided to go with house Hawkshroud.  They are all about noble houses that pledge themselves to causes.

In the fluff it talked to extended campaigns where they're assigned.  I figure this could be the tie into my Knights Angelus color scheme (and dark angels icons).  So I redid their normal yellow colors in a similar scheme as my imperial force.

One thing I changed up a bit from the normal knight heraldry was the placement of the divisions on shoulder pads.  I have the campaign/house stuff on the right side and the personal heraldry of the knight on the left.  It appears that in the books they go front/back vs. left/right.  I like mine better, but it means that I'll have a hard time using the imperial knight transfers since they're set up for the GW method.  

I had a blast going with multiple decals.  It looks like heraldry overload, but I wanted that Bretonian look.  I spent extra time with Micro Sol and Micro Set to get the decals smooth.  In addition I worked up ard coat below and above the decal.  Then put a coat of matte coat over the top.  Anything red/white/black was a satin finish.  Golds were done in gloss ard coat.  

The base was a dragon forge design with my etching of the dark angels symbol.  I added in some grass and fake leafs.  

I really, really enjoyed this kit.  It took me awhile as I figured out the best method to paint it up.  Painting multiples will be a bit daunting but I'm going to jump right in.  I may go back and clean up or extra detail certain parts, but for now it seems to work.

Next up on the docket are a few leman russ tanks!

Friday, May 16, 2014

40k 7th Edition Live for Pre-Order

Yep, that's right.  Head on over to Games Workshop Pre-Orders to get your copies for the May 24th launch.  It looks like the big "gamers edition" that they usually do adds a few pieces of product that isn't available for general pre-order yet.

It contains all this stuff for $340

$85 - Rulebook (able to be ordered)
- Galaxy at War (part of the rulebook combo)
- Dark Millennium (part of the rulebook combo)
- Mini Rulebook (not yet, they'll hold this as a incentive to get people to buy this thing)
$74 - Visions of Dark Millennium (able to be ordered, art book)
$8 - Objective Cards (able to be ordered)
$15 - Psychic Cards (able to be ordered)
- 6 objective tokens (part of this kit)

I was completely off on my earlier assumption, didn't realize all the stuff that was included in the normal $85 price.

That would be $182 of "known" value.  If the mini-rulebook is $50, the value of the core of the kit is only $232.  That means the tokens and the fancy box are about $100 in value.  I guess that and the quick reference guide.  I'm now feeling like I got swindled a bit.  Ah well, should have done my calculations before I hit "order"!

Not sure if I really care about some of the books but I'm a sucker for 40k.

On to the 7th edition!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Titan Base with Dark Angels Symbol

I got some Titan bases in from Dragon Forge, and I figure I would add a little custom symbol in to make it a little more unique.  I absolutely love the two ranges, Sanctuary and Ancient Ruins.  This base was originally from the Ancient Ruins side.  All of my imperial armies use some variations of these bases.

I thought to give it a little custom flair, and since I am "Knights Angelus" (basically silver dark angels), I'd break up the basing a little with the Dark Angels symbol.  Since I love gold, I planned on just painting it on.  After sketching in the symbol, I thought it would look cooler if I etched it in.

So I broke out my dremel and put on the etching bit and went to town.

Here's where it stands right now.  I think I'll wait to finish it off until I place the model on.  Then I may add some water effects and a little bit of grass growing in where the stone breaks up. That will also break up the base and add some interesting elements.  I also have a soft spot for the fake leafs and will add those in as well.

Didn't get a chance to take a shot of my progress on the knight, but the legs are 90% done and the torso and shoulder pads are about 75% done. It's been a lot less mind numbing by breaking it into pieces for painting.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Project of Titanic Proportions

I've had enough of the stressing on whatever may come of 40k and am focusing back on painting.  In addition to trying to go a little lighter on the video game side (I'm a PC blood bowl addict).  

The new imperial knight titan kit has been calling my name so I decided to start working on this monstrosity.  I'm painting it in portions and put a big ol' magnet in the torso to transport it easier.  I figure I'll not bother with magnetizing weapons, maybe it's the laziness in me.  I should have my bases from Dragonforge soon, which is very exciting.  

My color scheme is going to mirror my marine & guard colors: red, silver and gold.  White is my accent color and I figure I'll do some sort of heraldry in there.  Haven't decided completely on what will go on in the red and white spaces, but it will definitely involve decals as I have no desire to do any freehand painting on this project.

Here's the shot from where I stand.  I was batch painting everything then decided to tackle the legs first since it's nice to actually see some progress.  I had a similar situation when I painted the wraith knight.

No clue how people will paint 5 of these, it's no small task.  I guess when you figure that 5 is an entire army it isn't so bad!  Better pictures to follow as I knock out bigger portions.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Miniature Version of... You?

Saw this article on Yahoo the other day, it applies to us.  Would be pretty hilarious to have a miniature version of yourself as your imperial guard... I mean astra militium commander.

Miniature Version of You

Muhahahaha, Mini Me!  
Hey for $79 we spend on a lot of stupid things, I guess there could be worse spend of money?  The best part is, no paint required.  Three color minimum for tournaments is covered!

What pose would you put yourself in?
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