Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

With the new job I took on a few months ago, I haven't been able to keep pace with my painting projects. I'm hoping this blog will help share some of my work and keep me accountable. Currently I've been working on my third version of my home grown chapter, the Imperial Suns. Here was one of the miniatures for version 2 that got me painting them again:

I since have changed up the way I do blues and yellows. My blues used to be an regal blue > enchanted blue > ice blue base, but I've now changed up my blues to regal blue > ultramarines blue > space wolves grey. Lots of steps inbetween sadly. Yellows make use of the awesome citadel wash gryphone sepia.

Here's a sample of the new paint scheme:

I started 2009 with a plan to do Adepticon like I usually do, the iron man of the gladiator tournament Friday, team tournament Saturday and the singles tournament sunday. This year mid year I realized I can't make the friday and saturday of Adepticon so I settled in to investing all my time into the singles tournament. Easy task, right? Yeah... shiny objects kicked in. In the span of the last year I've done an Imperial Guard army, tried to start a Bretonian and Warriors of Chaos Army, and added things to my Tyranids and Black Templars. So much for focus.

Now we're on the home stretch to Adepticon and work travel will be nuts the next few months... off I go!

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