Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dirty Vehicle - Help Needed!

I just started working on my Space Wolves vehicles and here is a rhino chassis that's almost done. I don't want to do any chipping or weathering of the main part of the model (although I'll do some exhaust markings), but I could use some help "mudding" up the bottom.

Ideas on how to apply some dirt / mud without overdoing it? Stippling the best route?

This is my speed painting army, so I don't want to go over the top for timing. 


  1. I give my Imperial fist vehicles and troops a two step mud treatment, its justr a drybrush of bestial brwn and then a scorched brown drybrush slightly lower to give it that "wet" look. I have been using a combo of graveyard earth and green ochre from vallejo on my Flames of War stuff and that looks a little more natural and probably will show up a little better on your grey.

  2. To really take it the extra mile - I would suggest using the MIG or Vallejo pigments. MIG has a good video tutorial of how to use their stuff - which looks doable even to a low end modeller like me.


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