Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How-To: Fenrisian Wolves

Hey all, I had a bunch of people ask how I went about making these wolves so I'll post my tutorial.  Here's the quick & dirty method.  Should be up on the Space Wolves blog soon too!

The challenge for me was the goblin wolves only contained two poses and looked too "happy".  They didn't have that feral beast about them.  I found the chaos warhound box as a great substitute.  Not only are they reasonably priced, they have all unique poses.  Here is how I went about making them in a fairly easy manner.

First, it was hacking off any chaos bits.  Horns were chopped off along the top of the back, and any scales on the flanks were shaved down.  I also clipped some of the bottom teeth and trimmed off any horns on the legs/ankles.  I put on the tail, but shaved it down to a simple cylinder without any spikes.

I then added greenstuff to the back and top of the hindquarters as well as rolled it around the tail.  Fur was achieved by starting towards the front of the model and working towards the tail pulling with a sculpting tool.  Remember, keep the tool wet (yes, I've ingested my fair share of greenstuff). 

Then I plugged the two spots for the old "ears/horns" and rolled a small triangle for an ear.  Using the pointed end of the citadel sculpting tool I made the interior of the ear.  Some of the warhounds had stunted noses, which required a small dot to be added at the end.
 My painted ones are in the previous post, enjoy!

Working now on finishing up my 2 Lords on Thunderwolves and starting up the drop pod.

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