Friday, December 10, 2010

Ork Clan Choice

Been furiously putting together orks, and working on my speed painting plan.  The big question I have is what clan do I go with?  My previous edition of orks were Bad Moonz.  Love the icons, might be worth going again with them. What are your thoughts?

Bad Moonz: Yellow, which is a pain in the butt but looks really nice.  I like the life of excess that they live and how they pimp out everything.  Plus the Moon icon is cool.

Goffs: What I think of when I think of orks.  Horns & black/white checks.  They're big and mean like orks should be.

Blood Axes: Awesome conversion potential here since they like to mimic imperial guard.  Plus there are a ton of third party resin pieces that fit well (greatcoat orks).

Here's the list I'm thinking up for the gladiator.  Basically you get a 1750 list and then get to choose which 500 point sidebar you pick each round. The Mek and one unit of grots ride around in the stompa!

Main list: 1750

HQ: Big Mek with kustom force field, three grot oilers
HQ: Warboss on bike with Klaw, attack squig, cybork, & boss pole
Elite: 5 Lootas
Elite: 5 Lootas
Troop: 10 grots with herder
Troop: 30 shoota boyz with the nob with klaw
Troop: 30 shoota boyz with 2 big shootas with nob with klaw
Troop: 30 slugga boyz with nob with klaw (mainly using them since I have a ton of slugga boyz lying around)
Heavy: Big Mek Stompa

Sidebar A

Troop: 7 Nob bikers inclusive of painboy, warbanner, 2 uge choppas, 3 klaws.  Complex unit.
Troop: 10 grots with herder

Sidebar B
Troop: Dread with 4 CC weapons & extra armor and grot
Heavy: 3 Killa Kans with rokkits
Heavy: 3 Killa Kans with grotzookas
Elite: 6 lootas


  1. I have been kicking around this same question for several years now. Its a shame because I have a lot of Ork stuff, but never got anywhere becaue I could'nt decide which clan to do. I also love bad Moons, and if I had to do it, I think that is where I would go, but Blood Axes are also pretty cool and Goffs are always a solid choice.

    Two you don't see to much of is the DeathSkulls, which are about as vanilla orky as Ultrmarines are to Space marines or Snakebites.

    Given you rpotential list, I would go with Blood Axes. just way too much awesome conversion potential.


  2. Snakebites are really just feral orks, so unless you're going with a fantasy twist on your army, they don't seem to make sense. Goffs are pretty classic in the orky sense, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Bad Moons. The yellow moon icon reminds me of night goblins I guess.

    Since Bad Moons are supposed to be the richest Ork clan (because they grow their teef faster than others), it would make sense for them to have more equipment--so nobz (in mega armor), lootaz, flashgitz could be painted in that scheme.

    You could also go with a more classic theme, and paint each squad by it's most logical choice: bikes are evil sunz, boyz are--well, whatever you prefer, but probably goffs, etc.

  3. Wow three posts in three days no wonder it is so cold out hell must be freezing over!


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