Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off to London: Chicago Bears!

I'm just finishing up packing my bags for a 5 day weekend in London.  Being a huge Chicago Bears fan, how could I pass up getting to see my favorite team play in Europe?  I have a flight out tomorrow morning and will be staying through Tuesday morning.  We're going to try and hit up Paris on Saturday (I've never been to France).  I'm traveling with 5 football fans, one of them being a dual US/British citizen so he'll give us a full tour of the pub scene.  Unfortunately none of them are wargame fans, so I don't think I'll have any time to catch up on any miniatures. 

If any of you happen to be going to the game, let me know! 

After I get back I head straight to Toronto for work, spend some time back home and then fly the first week of November to Vancouver.  I'm getting a lot of miles up to Canada for work lately.  I'm hoping that starting mid-November I'll get some more time at home so I can accelerate my Dark Eldar. 

I can't wait for some beer and curry fries (I think that's the stuff I got hooked on last time I was there). mmm... beer!


  1. Boo...Hiss...from the north side of the Cheese Curtain. Go Pack.

    Enjoy your trip.

  2. Ditka vs a hurricane, who wins?


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