Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Destroyer Lords and Space Prawns Painted

I just wrapped up decals on the Destroyer Lords and am happy the way they turned out.  The best thing is I was able to create them with all plastic parts.  The arms and head are from the plastic lord in the Annihilation Barge.  To help distinguish between which is my warlord, I put some decorative scarabs on the base and raised the arm slightly higher.

I also finished up 7 more prawns (they do look like shrimp, don't they?).  Now I have two squads of 6.

This weekend I'll be playing in a 1,750 tournament. I think I will drop 2 prawns, one 5 man warrior squad and one of the doom scythes to get down to those points.   It does suck to run a solo doom, they really come in handy busting heavy armor. 

1 comment:

  1. Brian, you're a painting machine!! These are looking really lovely. Very best of luck with the Nova - I'm such the 'crons will do you proud. Everything I hear about them in 6th is sounding pretty positive for you!


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