Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Drop Pods, Oh how I hate thee

I'm back!  I haven't disappeared from the blogosphere but have been lurking reading on all of the boards.  For the hobby side, I've been busy adding to my Necrons, but it really is uninspired painting, just getting extra units ready for the tournament scene.  Speaking of that, I've finally settled down on a list that seems to do well.  A little light on troops, but it packs a punch. 

As for painting, it's now crunch time to get everything ready for Adepticon.  Lucky for me the only thing I need to paint up is my 1k points of Knights Angelus for the team tournament.  My necrons are done for the singles, and I'll be running the 40k Friendly. 

On to my most hated miniature to paint, the drop pod.  It's so incredibly boring to paint. Tons of surface area so lots of coats of paint, line highlighting and black lining.  I suppose I could add some creative elements to it, but it sucks the creative life out of me.  Here's my first one done.  I'll probably end up painting 5 (gotta do odd #'s), but I only have to do 2 for Adepticon. 

The model definitely needs some exhaust / burn / weathering done to it.  After all, it has dropped from space.  But this will do for now. 

Here's what I have to get done for Adepticon:

10 tactical marines
5 Scouts
1 more drop pod
1 tech marine on bike
1 thunderfire cannon
1 ironclad dread

If it stops raining here in Chicago, I'll actually get to go outside and prime some miniatures.  Until then, I'll just work on the next boring pod!


  1. I hate painting the things too. Have to do 10 for my SM

  2. I feel your pain. drop Pods are the worst models to paint for exactly the reasons you outline. I've been toying around with rewriting my 5th edition Space marine list for 6th and I just can't do it because it means I need two more drop pods.

  3. It looks nice and while boring to do you still managed it well

  4. Appreciate the kind words. Yeah I'm almost done with the 2nd one... at least one more to go for this round!

  5. I feel your pain, I'm doing 4 at the moment, 20 of this, 20 of that... boring to the extreme and more surface area than a Landraider each but with a little over 15 doors and 4 engine blocks to completion I can see light at the end of the tunnel, i'll then have 5 all together for that drop pod assault 3 in first turn - i've also magnetized one for Dreadnought or Deathstorm Missile Pods! Yours is a nice red too.

  6. Hey, I like the paint job on that drop pod. You know you felt it was boring painting it? Would you have enjoyed it more if you'd been adding battle damage to it etc?

    Drop by my blog sometime. I would like some tips/suggestions on my painting if ever you felt like giving any. Nathan's Fiction Sphere

    1. Nate, I'll be happy to check out your blog and offer up some painting advice. I'm a pretty good speed painter, I'm all about the tricks. Looking forward to checking it out.

  7. Yes, I hate painting these as well! You always do a fantastic job on everything, of course! See you at Adepticon hopefully!

  8. Keep the motivation up! I'm also rushing to finish everything for the team tournament... hope i'll be done before april 18th...

    see you there!


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