Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thoughts on Terrain

I'm still plodding away at adding to my Tau/Eldar 40k force (will probably be my Adepticon 2014 force), but I've really been lured in to doing terrain for other systems.  Since a group of us are getting into infinity, I'm looking at making a quick and dirty urban table.  I think I'll go with a similar concept to what CNC Workshop is doing with their City Tiles

I figure I could make 1 foot square tiles and do cool stuff to go on all of them.  That way I can have some good looking and fast streets as well.  I'd order from CNC Workshop but the freight and cost is just a little too pricey.

I'm also really loving the Spartan Games scale stuff.  We've had a blast playing uncharted seas, and I stumbled upon this demo table for Dystopian Wars.  HOLY CRAP!  

Detailed pictures can be seen at the blog: Hamburger Tactica

Now to figure out how to scratch build some apartment complexes and roads!


  1. Did you see the Tablescapes stuff from Secret Weapon? Their Urban streets should be right up your alley, if you pardon the pun ; )

  2. Dave, I did get a whole 8' section of the urban streets, and a half/half 8' section of the ruined temple and rolling fields. My only concern is that they look like they might be better suited for 40k and larger scale stuff - the roads seem pretty wide. Very curious on how they end up turning out!


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