Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Infinity Display Board / Dice Tray / Order Counter

I came up with an idea after playing Infinity a couple of months ago.  My dice kept bouncing around and I was half tempted to buy a little dice tray.  Then after thinking I needed a more effective/quicker way to count my orders and move my army around, I sketched out a design to do all three!

Here's my first concept work of a multi-tray.

The dice rolling area is plenty of room and the right height to roll a handful of d20's.  I felt lined it to dampen the roll and keep the noise down.

The order counters are pretty basic.  I just did a floating circle and painted on the arrows and numbers.  It probably needs one more coat of white paint.

Everything else was a few coats of a high gloss black lacquer.  This should keep it shiny and new!

The tray on the end to display my army and move it around has a floating insert.  I'll decorate that with the similar effects I base my armies in.  I'll also do a bit of a backdrop that "tells the story".  It will be removable so I can rotate out armies and display them on a shelf when I'm not using my multi-tray.

Hope you enjoy, and inspire your own DIY tournament trays.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks much! That means a lot coming from a big Infinity player.

    2. Might hafta steal this idea, sir!
      I'll totally give you credit on the idea, though.
      Not for nuthin,' but there's probably a market for handy-dandy lil' hobby gizmos like this one.
      I mean, if people are paying 5 to 20 bucks for a few pages of GW 'formations' and whatnot (not hating, just sayin'), then I have every reason to believe they'd happily purchase something along these lines as well...
      Heck, I might do it myself. I'm currently using a pair of 10-sided dice to keep track of my orders.
      Which goes like this: 'Where's the six? I know there's a six on here somewhere...'
      So yeah- this is a darn fine idea!


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