Friday, March 28, 2014

Adepticon TT Display Progress Part 2

Here we go with more progress, I'll have the captions tell what's happening in each of the pictures.  We met again last night and proceeded to get the rocks glued on and finished as well as the first layer of sand on the base.  Our craft store shopping experience proved successful as well with the tons of plants we got, especially the "root" like looking ones.

We disguised the cables with brown electrical tape to cover them up and will eventually wrap those in leaves. While wrapping one, unfortunately one of the light strips came unsoldered.  Jeff and Greg are going to attempt to repair/salvage what we have - keeping my fingers crossed!

I also realized after getting home that now by adding the rocks to the top of the top platform, it is now taller then the opening to the rear of my jeep.  So we'll need to do a test run to make sure we can angle it in, otherwise we'll need to chop some of the top off.  Good times!  The fun of projects, always something coming up.

Sand is added
rocks waiting to be glued on top of the islands
assembled project, the core is done! now if only it will fit in my jeep
first layer of brown applied to sand, electrical tape covering wires
adding roots to the islands
Danny hiding in the massive amount of foliage... Shrouded!
Where we wrapped up for the night, we're slowly getting there!
In the painting front, I probably have about 3 more hours left to finish my last riptide.  About 3 hours left on the skyrays and about 5 hours on the 20 drones.  Going to be coming down to the wire.  I'm debating on whether I go to a practice tournament tomorrow to knock some rust off my gaming skills.

I'll have some progress shots tonight when we finish up, the goal is to get basically most of the board finished.

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  1. Looking amazing I can't wait to see the plants everywhere!


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