Friday, April 8, 2016

Adepticon Recap

Adepticon has come and gone and I'm in detox mode!  Making things up to the wife for being away so much and cleaning up the wake of my mad hobby cramming.  It was a blast.  I wish I had the chance to practice with my army, but in the end I had a great time.

Started off with the 40k champs.  I got smoked and got very minimal battle points, but it seemed like whenever I needed the game to go on, it didn't and whenever I needed it to end it kept going!  I won't use those as excuses, had 3 out of 4 games were a ton of fun. 

I didn't expect it, but my army ended up placing 2nd for appearance points.  For something I finished up late the night before (and had to take some shortcuts), I was really happy with the results. I'm thinking I should keep on the chaos kick and paint the miniatures I wasn't able to get to. Might as well while I'm still into the army even though I'm a bit burnt out. 

Friday was the 40k Friendly. Jeff and I did the Blues Battle Brothers as a theme this year and everyone seemed to have a good time. Unfortunately we were a little short staffed so I was stuck behind the computer most of the tournament.  Next year we'll rectify that... and we're very close to having a theme for 2017.

Then the team tournament.  The display board turned out great, and didn't get damaged as we assembled it on site.  Whether or not it's OK now is another story, as I have yet to reassemble it as parts are in my garage awaiting it's permanent stay in my basement.

We did pretty average on the games, I won big or lost big and ended up getting three max scores and two zeroes for battle points.  One of the losses we were in it to the end, it was close to being a tie had I played a little bit smarter. 

Here's some pictures from my camera on how the base turned out, I wish I would have taken better shots.  The lighting didn't seem to come through.

We were so trying for best heretical team.  As the awards ceremony went on, we were bummed we missed that and best display... when we got totally surprised and our team won best theme.  It's the ultimate for us, and everyone's hard work paid off. 

Over the next few days I'll post more of the miniatures I painted up over the week.  I think I've decided on my next few 40k projects. 

- Add some necrons for a few fun builds
- Work on a marine gladius list, flush out my marines
- Finally tackle the death korps of krieg. I've had these miniatures ever since they came out.  I've been dying to get some paint on them.  It might even be my big project for Adepticon next year.

Now on to cleaning the house!


  1. Wow, your team army and display looked awesome (as usual). So bummed I missed AdeptiCon this year but looking forward to 2017! Can't wait to hear what the Friendly theme will be. Might have to actually play in a 40k tournament.

  2. Can't believe how far the competition in displays has gone! You make something bigger and more amazing every year.


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