Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tablescapes: Urban Street Painting #3

I've been slowly adding and trying new things to the tablescapes urban tables.  It's been fun (and frightening) trying out new skills but I'm learning a ton of new hobby skills. 

I washed all the metal areas with a brown/black ink wash and went about sponging on masking fluid everywhere I wanted to put down road markings.  I then created some masking tape stencils to airbrush on the patterns. 

I also went out and bought some random patterns to put on the open spaces and figured some hazard stripes might look cool as well.  These were all airbrushed on as well.  Not too bad for my first try and it.  The masking fluid rubbed off easily with a large eraser and I was good to go. 

To celebrate the holiday weekend, I had a friend of mine and his son over to try out Infinity.  Unfortunately these roads are way too wide for Infinity (my fear) but I'll see if I can come up with some road debris to add line of sight blockers.  It was fun, and it was great to play outside with beer.

I then finished up last night by doing an oil wash of a dark brown.  I slathered it on and used a paper towel to pull off the top.  I wanted to "dirty" up the concrete flat tiles some.  After that was finished I let it try for the evening and did a matte coat of spray to seal it in.  It's hard to see my yellow lane dividers up top, but you can see the finished product on them as well. 

Next steps will be doing the same wash to the street and intersection tiles and then I'll try my hand at weathering powders.  It's been a very fun project, and I'll have enough to manage about 3 4'x6' tables for friends to come over.


  1. Looking great, good stuff. I really do think a better battle is had when there is decent terrain to fight over.

  2. Looking great! You could maybe add a bit of graffiti and other small street markings to the final product, but it it obviously much more than playable now!


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