Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scouts are done!

So much left to do, but I think I'm at the half way point.

12 Marines
7 Scouts
2 Ironclad Dreads
1 Scout Biker
1 Terminator
1 Rhino
1 Razorback
1 Thunderfire Cannon & Techmarine
1 Land Raider

Yet to paint:
8 Marines
2 Scout Bikers
3 Attack Bikes
4 Terminators
1 Librarian
Objective Markers
Display Base
Explosion Markers / Wrecked Vehicles

Just wrapped up the four scouts and the scout biker.  Realized I didn't dust off the excess snow before taking pictures.  Now on to creating two more scout bikers and two more attack bikes.


Here's the first try at my attack bikes.  I'm doing two riders to represent the two wounds.  One rider with a multi-melta and another with regular weapons.

Sadly, I'm traveling again this week Monday through Thursday.  Adepticon is coming fast!

1 comment:

  1. BC,

    I'm loving how this army is coming together. The scouts and "bikes" look great! Keep up the good work!


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