Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scouts before a Travel Marathon

Unfortunately I'm about to head out for 8 days traveling for work (Vegas then San Jose)... suck.  Making progress on my scouts though.  I'm in love with the Vostroyan models and am incorporating them as scouts into my marine army.  By removing the bayonets, I figured the lasguns will make decent sniper rifles.  Here's a picture of my first three.

My set I'm currently working on will be the sarg (com link guy), a conversion of a missile launcher dude, and two other snipers. Just finished up the yellows and am working on the blues and silvers.

Also, I'm running three scout bikers.  By taking a lot of the chaos icon or spikes on the horse, the plastic marauder horsemen make excellent scout bikers.  I hacked up the top of a vostroyan and did a pretty poor job of greenstuff on the skirt.  Modified the lasgun into a bolter (to WYSIWYG the scout bike).  Have to make two more of these bad boys.  Here he is in progress:


More to follow when I'm back!

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