Monday, July 26, 2010

Empire Progress, Knight Conversion

Got my first 20 spearmen done... 30 to go!  Hopefully this big block of 50 will pay off!  Still a little work to do on the standard bearer, but overall I'm happy with the quality.  This is definitely a speed painting army.  The banner decal I purchased off an old site "Imperial Forge".  Nice decals and will help speed up things.  Unfortunately it looks like they're no longer in business.

I'd like to use some of the old empire set for the second through 5th ranks.  I love the spears at attention to flush out the back ranks.  I picked up some extra empire heads to do some simple head swaps.  The question is will these old plastics mix in with the current state troops?

Finally I figured I could use some knights with great weapons.  Now that they're back to being +2 and with empire already having low/average initiative, the extra strength after the charge may come in handy.  Not a big fan of the knights of the white wolf though.  I figured the new plastic greatswords would be a great kitbash.  After piecing this together, I think it could use a slightly longer torso.  The greatsword torso sits a little shorter due to the legs adding a portion of the torso.  Thoughts on if this will work or if I'll need to add some plastic card?

Just started churning out my old metal greatswords.  Should have the unit finished this week!


  1. Looking good BC, thanx for the update on the transfers.

  2. Nice work Brian. By the look of that mounted Greatsword they should probably get a +3 strength attack !

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    Keep up the good work, I'll definitely be revisiting,
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