Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to the Wolves

Last week I had the chance to actually get a game in, imagine that.  Had the opportunity to play an 1850 game with my Space Wolves.  I'm a firm believer that unpainted miniatures don't do as well in the game as painted ones.

My gamer ADD has me flipping back and forth between projects, so I think it's time to settle in to get the core of my Space Wolves done before I jump on an Adepticon project, the Empire, or another 40k army.

Even though it hurts, I'm trying the mass painting method.  I usually stick to around 5 models at a time (or 10 if they're exceptionally simple).  Here's my try at 25 grey hunters.  The yellow looks exceptionally bright since the grey has just been inked and not highlighted yet!

Once I get these guys done, it'll be on to the Thunderwolves.  That is if I can survive the monotony of painting 25 at once!

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