Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adepticon Fantasy TT: Pirates (and sea monsters)

Every so often, I get a project I get really really excited about.  This has to be it.  I've decided that next year at Adepticon, I'm not going to do 3 days of 40k.  A good friend of mine, Dan convinced me to team up for the fantasy team tournament.  We have a pseudo-inside joke about sea monsters from years ago when the White Dwarf did a huge spread on boat battles and sea monsters.  We lovingly named them M.F.S.M "Mother-Loving (changed for the kids) Sea Monsters" or when in the presence of kids "Most Friendly Sea Monsters".  We've decided to make a team themed on sea monsters and pirates. 

The vision of our lists is that I'll be running Lothern Sea Guard with an allied "Sea Monster" (I'll get to that later).  My team mate, Dan will be running Empire with a pirate theme.  The thought is that the High Elves are on the hunt for a sea monster that has been plaguing their trade routes, and they hired a mercenary pirate ship to aid them in the hunt.  What the Empire doesn't know, is their ship was used as bait to lure the monster out.

Our display base will be two ships, the empire one being devoured by a giant sea monster and the high elf one trying to spear it down.

To make it even more epic, we're in the process of recruiting other 2 man teams that would like to fit the pirate theme.  If we can get a few teams to participate, I'll make a giant sea table.  A team could either bring ships to display their armies on or bring an island that they can plop down on the table (for the pirates to raid).  It'd be great to do some progress shots on how everyone is doing.

Right now, my list will probably go this route:

- High Elf Noble on foot
- 14 Phoenix Guard - these will be individualistic models that will be the "Sea Monster Hunters" on a diorama base
- 25 Sea Guard
- Bolt Thrower
- Friendly Sea Monster (using the rules of the White Lion Chariot).  I'm either going to model it like the Loch Ness Monster or have some sea beast with a high elf rider.

Fun stuff!

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