Monday, May 2, 2011

Italy: Less then 2 Weeks!

I have to say, I'm really getting excited about a vacation.  In less then 2 weeks, the wife and I will be in Rome.  We also booked stops in Florence and Venice.  With the craziness of Adepticon and the flurry of hobby activity after, I really haven't given myself much time to recharge. 

Part of what is making me so excited is all the historical sites.  I'm not Catholic (my wife is), but one of the things I'm most excited about seeing is the Vatican.  Since my Dark Eldar Wyches are in full swing, I hope to get some inspiration from the Coliseum.  For any of you reading from Europe, I'd love to get some ideas on things to see that are off the beaten path. 

This week will keep me busy with things around the house, I'm going to assemble the glass display cases I picked up from Ikea, and I need to finish unpacking all the extra boxes in the basement.  My goal is to get a skin tutorial in before I leave and do a little more assembling of the raiders.  I really hope the venom gets released this summer as rumored, it'll save me some time going into detail with a conversion.


  1. Hey man!

    Just as some help for your Italy wargaming adventures...

    Be sure to check out my blog, where I link the biggest wargames stores in Rome and Florence... Venice, you are on your own!:)

  2. Ciao Brian.
    I am jealous beyond words. I used to live in Rome, and would get on a plane tomorrow if I was able...

    Fire me an email and I can send you some recommendations (particularly for food).
    gentlemanones at the gmail. etc.

  3. I had a big long post about what to visit and of course it didn't post and wiped my post clean.

    Anyway, I'll try and repost again. Suffice it to say I've been to all three of the cities you are visiting and can offer a lot of insight and suggestions if desired due to my academic and professional pursuits.

    Right now though, bedtime. Looking forward to seeing your flesh tutorial. I'm also hoping for a venom release as well.

  4. Thanks guys for the advice, we're really excited to start exploring. With work being so crazy I really haven't had the chance to do a lot of planning this time around.


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