Monday, August 8, 2011

Quick Vehicle Destroyed Templates

I think I've had enough of cutting out paper to demonstrate vehicle "6" results from destruction.  Either that or marking the space with dice.  My friend Jeff ( check out his blog ) and I spent the afternoon Saturday making up 16 rhino sized templates, 4 Land Raider, and 6 60mm round templates.  We also started on some steel wool fires for any vehicle "5" results.  For relatively nothing, we have some quick and easy templates to get us by.  If I wanted to spend more time, we would probably bevel the edges and create more organic crater shapes.

Now, these aren't highly done painted or super modelled, but they're great for something on the board.  I plan on doing more elaborate ones for my Dark Eldar.

We started out with 1/4" board.  Jeff cut them to size and we grabbed all of our spare vehicle tracks and space marine vehicle kits.  By using forgeworld doors, we have tons of leftover parts.  We used the ever trusty hot glue gun and put all the parts down.

For the blast markers, we took steel wool and cut it into a "flame" shape and hot glued them down to 40mm bases.  I refuse to flip my vehicles over... it's just asking to get the paint chipped up.

Then a liberal sanding of the crater templates and primed them both in black.

 Here's our paint progression and a series of shots.  For the craters we started with a light drybrush of adeptus battlegrey across all the sand.  The metal was done in tin bitz with a boltgun drybrush.  We then worked in patches of graveyard earth (and a little bit of khaki) and codex grey.

Jeff's son came up with a great idea to work embers/flames into the base.  So we did a few patches of blood red / blazing orange / golden yellow, then stippled in some codex grey.  When we were all done we did a light drybrush of fortress grey over the entire base.  Not bad for a quick afternoon project.  I do think I'm going to go back and add some scorched marks on the metal to break up the metal parts.

The flames were taking quite a bit longer to dry so that'll be a project for another day.  I did a healthy blood red core, we'll be adding in some yellows then go over the top in blacks and grey to simulate smoke.  Finally we'll take some cotton and "pull" it over the steel wool to add additional smoke effects.

I'm still stuck fixing the basement, so most of my time has been working with a large paintbrush.  Hopefully I'll have it done so I can get back to my Marines for Nova!

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  1. These looks really great - fun, simple, dramatic and a lot less hassle than flipping your vehicles over. A great team effort and no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends!


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