Monday, September 10, 2012

Necron Flyers at NOVA - Caught on Film!!!

After my first game at NOVA I started paying attention to all of the flyers.  I had some time between the rounds since I finished early so I figured what better way to count them down then go on a photo scavenger hunt. I tried to capture all of the Necron flyer armies that had at least 3 flyers.  I threw mine into the mix.  I counted at least 14.  One wasn't painted and I didn't grab that one.  Here are the pics!

Yep they were all over the place.  Many people just haven't had the experience to go against them or brought the right tools to deal (or ignore them).  It was a bit of an unfair advantage to me.  Honestly it makes me feel guilty playing the list, but we've seen others that have had their day...

- Rhino Rush
- Lash Princes
- Godzilla
- Guard Leafblower
- Nob Bikers

When any of these hit the scene everyone freaked... later they were countered.  Balance will be restored!


  1. You missed mine. I didn't have a very good display base, though. :/

  2. Great photos, Brian. Wow, but that's a LOT of flyers! Some really stunning painting on display there. It's great to see the Necrons having their "time in the sun". For as long as it lasts, enjoy them and their flyers as they look terrific and the background for the 'crons is always something I've enjoyed.


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