Friday, November 9, 2012

Dread Smash!

I finished the first two of my four dreads I'll be using in my Blood Angels / GK list.  The furiouso I had already modeled for another army, so the legs were positioned for a certain base. I had to pull it off that base and transpose it on one of my ruins bases.

The "toes" of the dread are a little unnatural on the pillar but I still think it does the job.  Nothing like 3 flame templates on an armor 13 platform to drop in and mince some infantry!  I think I'll add some static grass in the "dirt" area of the rubble to break up the basing.

My second dread was one of three riflemen.  I decided for both this one and the other that I had to do some other color to break up the model.  I tried going with blue cabling to mix things up a bit.  Blue is the accent color I use for power weapons, lenses, etc. so I figured it would work on this model too.

Another thing to break up the basing on this miniature is to add some dead leaves.  It shouldn't dominate the stone basing but it will help break things up.

I'm almost finished up with my 10 robed marines that will be used as death company / sternguard / vets!  I should have them finished Friday night.

My plan is Saturday and Sunday to get a lot of gaming in.  I'm debating for Adepticon whether to go with my Necrons or the drop pod blood angels / GK henchmen list. Decisions, decisions...


  1. That BA dred is sweet. What did you use bit wise for that gun?

  2. Jeff, that actually is the frag cannon straight out of the furiouso box. Not many people take the upgrade (it's free) but I like the fact it's 2 templates at strength 6 with rending for the gun. Combined with the heavy flamer I can knock out three templates and still have a dread fist.


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