Saturday, November 3, 2012

Knights Angelus: 3 Razorbacks and More Troops!

I'm making some major progress on the Knights Angelus.  I finished up three models to add to the tactical squad, a meltagun, multi-melta and the sgt. from the dark vengeance box.  I swapped his chainsword for a power axe and plasma pistol for a bolt pistol.

I also finished up three razorbacks.  I traded my pirate ships and pirates from last year's adepticon fantasy team tournament for a few painted razorbacks, cadians and terrain.  A little primer a repaint and they are finished!

It's amazing how a semi-gloss really transforms the red.  I would rather cheat and use the forgeworld doors, but I didn't want to hack up the models, so I did some not-so-professional freehand of dark angels and inquisition symbols. 

Working on the 4 dreads now!

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