Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Riptide Painted!

The riptide is finished!  Wow that was a big model.  I kept the black highlighting simple, probably could have used an extra highlight but I honestly hate painting black.  If you've seen my kroot mercs list I put a little extra flowers and plants on the base.  Nothing too over the top, just a little decorations.

Working on the three broadsides now.  At least I did the biggest model first, these broadsides will be nothing compared to that.  By the time I get to my 1 crisis suit I have to do, I'll feel like I'm painting a single marine.

Off traveling for the next week so I won't get a whole lot of painting in. I might bring my brushes with me, not decided yet.  Nova is only a little over a month away, gotta get cracking!


  1. Very nice. How long did it take you to complete this model from assembly to finished painting? Do you use any paint sealant at the end? I use wood varnish currently, and find it works well.

    Why do you dislike painting over black?

    Table Top Revolution

  2. that's tough to say on total time since it was broken up over a few weeks. I should track that stuff one of those days.

    For sealant I usually paint it on, but for my Tau I have not. Since this is an old project I'm adding to, I don't want to mess with the effects.

    Black is tough since the littlest mistake is amplified. Plus there is no "natural" shading so I think it always looks a bit half-finished.


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