Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eldar Jebike

Wow, NOVA is approaching fast - only have three weeks to get my painting finished and I adjusted my list yet again... just can't settle on what I want to bring.  Also means I'm painting up a boatload of miniatures in the next three weeks.

Of of those is the Eldar allies portion.  Here's my test model of a guardian jetbike.  I'm keeping the same color scheme as my Tau but having a little more white then blue (Tau is blue with white accents).  Nothing to write home about, it's simple but I think it looks ok. 

Here's what I have on the docket to finish before NOVA!

- 2 more Broadsides
- 5 Crisis Suits
- 5 jetbikes
- farseer on jetbike
- 1 more Riptide (damn they take a long time to paint)
- 1 Wraithknight (he should go pretty quick)

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