Thursday, August 8, 2013

She Got Legs... Wraithknight Progress

I needed a break from painting the monotonous line highlighting of all the Tau armor plates so I thought it would be great to try a portion of the wraithknight.  Luckily the kit naturally is pinned so I can transport and paint the upper body separately. 

Damn, these legs are long!  I started with just one to see if I like the color scheme.  Here's the progress.

There are so many gem possibilities I just decided that any large circular area I'd just paint the regular color of the army.  I know I probably painted more gems than most people but I really think that is what makes eldar a different army - covered in stones.  Hopefully it doesn't look too "pimply". 

On to the other leg, progress to follow. Only a few weeks to NOVA, gotta get crackin!

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