Friday, April 11, 2014

Adepticon Team Tournament Recap

We had a blast!  This was my 11th team tournament (had to miss it one year due to a vacation) and is definitely one of the more fun events.  This year the Adeptus Film Co. went all out for theme type stuff outside of our armies and displays base.  Here's some of the pieces of flair.

- Avatar 2 movie posters
- (for the Greater) Good-bar candy bars to give away
- new shirts and our usual directors hats and scarves
- jungle sounds and music playing under curtain.
- an actual movie trailer created for the base.

We unfortunately didn't get any practice in the games so we went right down the middle for battle points.  Some tough match ups with wave serpents all over the place.  I ended up going 2-2-1 so it's about as average as you can get!  I think as a team we've just decided to go for theme and painting and scrap the potential of battle points.

With that said, we won best Xenos!  It seems to be my award, it's the 4th time I've won that one.  Alien scum for the win!

Here's how our board ended up turning out.

I didn't take any shots of the games, but there were so many beautiful armies.  Here are some inspirational pictures.  I wish I would have remembered to take my camera out more, my wife always gives me a hard time for constantly forgetting.  I wish I could have seen the shadow box display.  There was always a line.  That is a concept I've been dying to do for a Death Korps of Kreig army display.

sucking the life out of the imperial world.  Even had "fluid" rising
I loved the backdrop effort that went into this

Very thought out theme.  Great building, tone of detail

Our friends from the north, team Quebec!

Next year we're putting Danny in a costume

Team Handsome's beautifully painted Eldar.  Gorgeous

swooping hawk themed wraith knight

dark reaper themed wraith knight

Chicago Kamikaze's brought flowing water... loved it!

Next year we're really going to try and design the miniatures to fit into a movie.  Any ideas on a cool theme?

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  1. Great photos of cool armies. I really like Team Handsome's Eldar.


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