Monday, April 21, 2014

Astra Militarum List Idea

Here's the guard list I came up with.  Not sure how great it will be, but I think it could be fun.  I'll list out it, then tell how it will work.  It's 1831 points right now, got 19 points to mess around with and add/subtract.

So debated on using one of these, but here is my paint scheme
HQ (545): Pask in Punisher with multi-melta sponsons and lascannon, accompanied by 2 Vanquishers with lascannons.  All have dozer blades
This unit can issue an order to split fire Pask from the vanquishers.  Vanquishers tank hunt early game while you move up, and are relatively cheap.  Pask is an absolute beast.  His gun gets rending, he hits on bs4, and all his weapons re-roll armor pens.  In addition his warlord trait is preferred enemy so him and his squad re-rolls one's (hit and wound).  Plus this squad is a great target for prescience.  

HQ (96): Company commander with 4 sniper rifles, camo cloaks, and master of ordinance 
He gives his own unit "ignore cover" as an order.  They're on the top of the bastion, so they have a 2+ cover save.  In addition they man the icarus lascannon so it is ignoring cover in addition to the 4 sniper rifles.  The master of the ordinance ends up ignoring cover as well, basically giving you a 20 point earth shaker cannon (basilisk) that ignores cover... but it does scatter a little extra

HQ (75) Primaris Psycher, mastery level 2
Attaches to the blob.  Rolling on divination to try and get 4+ inv save.  If not that, just settle with prescience.  Cast that on the tank squad to start, then on unit itself for combat

HQ (25) Priest
ridiculous.  Gives blob fearless, and the battle hymns are technically tested on the high leadership of the squad.  One of the hymns allow for rerolling failed armor saves, another is rerolling to wound.  Tasty. 

HQ (104) Allied Xenos Inquisitor with mastery level 1, hammer hand, 3 servo skulls, rad grenades, psychotrope grenades, liber heretics book
This is what makes the blob sick.  The book allows for a pre-game scout move. servo skulls help keep scouts and infiltrators away as well as help your blasts scatter less.  He casts hammer-hand so the blob is effective str 4, and the enemy is one less toughness.  the liber book in future turns also allows for counter attack.  Good times.  I know it's one of the typical death star add ons, but It's too nasty not to try.

HQ (100) Coteaz
Yeah he makes the blob even better, plus I'll be expecting you keeps things from deepstriking too close.  I also like 2 more chances on divination for the 4+ inv.

Troop (313) aka the "blob".  Platoon command with 4 sniper rifles sits back and issues run run run to start the blob
Blob consists of 50 guardsmen, 5 sgts with meltabombs..  
If it gets the 4+ inv save, it is absolutely ridiculous, especially in combat where the battle hymns can grat rerolls.  Power axes are effective str 5 with hammer hand.  Enemy is one less toughness due to rad grenades.  Nobody should ever assault this unit.  It gets a pre-game scout move due to the xenos inquisitor book

Troop (158) aka "I need some scoring bodies" Platoon.  Platoon command with 4 sniper rifles.  2 squads of 10 with either autocannons or melta-guns.  All depends on if I ultimately want to stay back or have some flexibility moving forward.

Heavy (65) Wyvern
To take out stuff that hides.  Plus I'm going to use my griffons and proxy them as these

Heavy (70) Hydra
Yeah it's only one... but it's such a low priority target and I can keep it way back.  Or reserve it if I'm really worried about stuff alpha striking it.  

Heavy (175) Deathstrike with camo netting
I really want to try one of these, I figure it will add a huge intimidation element and force my opponent to react.  I'll keep it behind the bastion so it gets a 2+ save from any incoming shots.  Unfortunately there is a ton of stuff that ignores cover, but I'll make my opponent work for it!

Fortification (105) Bastion with Icarus Lascannon
Command squad goes up top to man the gun, benefitting with camo cloaks giving a 2+ cover save as well as the orders allowing the lascannon to ignore cover.  Inside I'll probably throw one of the additional platoon sniper squads so it can eject out the back and score an objective.  This also is needed to provide line of sight blocking to the death strike.  


Not sure if I have enough scoring units, but there are multiple elements that need to be dealt with.  Knights would have a field day with me though, ripping through my leman ruses as well as my blob.  All depends on the range game - I'll need practice on them.  

I'm also not sure if I have enough anti-air.  The thing I do have going for me is I can really pound ground forces.  And ultimately I'm not sure I'm really worried about air.  I guess I could bring in an officer of the fleet if I need to to mess a little with reserve rolls.  Or I could tweak the points a bit and swap one of the wyverns out for an extra hydra.  

There are some scary elements that should worry my opponent.  Obvioiusly the pask squad is one.  It will work in conjunction with my blob squad which is an absolute beast in combat.  Good thing is they are about the same speed.  Plus the blob can space out to help with any drop pods that want to melta my tanks.  The death strike should mess with everyone at least and ultimately provide another choice for them to make.  Ultimately I'm not sold on the death strike.  I prefer something to start doing damage early so I might switch it out for the manticore.  

Should be a fun list regardless, onto painting!


  1. This is actually pretty similar to my own initial shots at making a list, except I had a 40 man blob, just an Aegis Defense line w/Quad gun no wyvern or hydra.
    I did have the deathstrike, but just for funsies, but no sniper rifles anywhere.
    There were some other small differences (no Inquisitorial Allies- 2 Priests instead), but I did add two Scion squads w/command for deepstriking, and two Valkyries filled with specialists w/Demo Charges (drop in, and then it's death or glory...likely both).

    I have been pltting on the Inq. Allies, though, mainly for the blast scatter help via cyberskulls.

    Your list seems solid, but meh- I'm no expert.
    Give it a shot and then fine tune, right?
    Good luck and go get 'em!

    1. I like the deep striking goodness coming out with scion squads. that could be a lot of fun. Maybe make the blob less of an assault threat and more of a very large speed bump.

      But yeah, you're totally right it all comes down to playing games and seeing what works.

      I'm all about the random scary giant missile coming down. Gotta play that for awhile!

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