Saturday, December 6, 2014

Imperial Knight Errant

It's been forever since I've posted last but no lack of work.  I finished up my first three knights and am working on some of the forgeworld ones.  In addition I've done a ton of necron stuff and have been working on terrain both for 40k and Infinity.  More posts to follow!

Here is my completed Knight Errant.  I went with a sinister approach with the heraldry on this one and figured I could double him as Grimauldus if I need to in a pinch.

The basing was from Dragon Forge Design.  I used the sanctuary basing and added in a broken column.  Added a little grass and dead leaves to break up the color.

Back to sorting out my gaming area.  It's been a big project getting the basement where it needs to be.  We have our first baby on the way in a few months so I need to have my fortress of solitude to escape to!

1 comment:

  1. Great work Brian! Your golds and reds here really make this knight shine.


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