Sunday, February 8, 2015

Necron Flayed Ones Conversion

I've been painting imperials like a mad-man for the Adepticon Team Tournament, but I needed a break with the cool new necron codex.  This codex is so  much fun. Outside of the Wraiths that are a little unbalanced, there are so many cool synergies and different ways you can play the codex.

I've always wanted to run flayed ones, they just weren't very good in the past.  I'm trying to stay away from resin if at all possible since it's not very durable with a lot of playing so I went with some scratch built flayed ones.  These aren't the prettiest conversions but they work!

I used a warrior box then replaced their hands with a small square of plastic sprue.  Then I used strips of plastic and made the talons. I did some quick repositioning of the legs to make them a bit more dynamic, then went to town with a lot of greenstuff for the skin.

It's not the most elegant conversion, but it'll get them on the table.

Back to painting imperials!


  1. Thanks Garfy, I was hoping they weren't too goofy looking and would save me some $ on the 5 pose resin options.


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