Saturday, February 14, 2015

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder-Grav, HO!

Happy Valentine's day everyone.  Thought I'd throw some red miniatures your way in honor of the holiday... well, red miniatures everyday since that's all I'm painting.  Khorne Red has been a highly used commodity.

First off, here's the thunderfire cannon I finished up.  Nothing too fancy, but it does the job.  I try to go traditional colors for my specialist marines: Red = techmarines, white = apothecary, blue = librarians, gold = commanders.

I still need to add some leaf litter and grass to the bases.  Same thing goes with my grav gun bikers and attack bikes.  Since our adepticon team tournament army has a ton of grav guns and I really don't want to bit order every single one, I thought a conversion was in order.  Since I'm a big necron player, I took a ton of the deathmark guns, and cut off the stock where the hand was holding.  I then shortened up the gun, I think it looks like a cool looking specialist weapon and fits the whole grav gun idea.

Here are some more attack bikes, they really are calling for stuff to be added to the bases.

Next up I'm going to crunch through the imperial guard! 

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