Thursday, March 19, 2015

Boom goes the Medusa

The last month since the birth of my daughter has been an eye opener.  I thought, "how much could a newborn take in time, she'll just be sleeping right"?  I was wrong.  The lack of sleep and lack of drive meant the last three weeks I barely painted! With adepticon here, I had to scramble. 

Here are the pictures of the finished Medusa ready for the 40k Team Tournament.  It's a nice model, I just wish I would have positioned the gun a little down for ease of transport.  Not that it's that tall, but I could then pack it with other models. It's painted with my Knights Angelus scheme to match all the imperials together in their red & silver glory!

With the baby and work being busy, I dropped from the 40k championship going on as we speak.  I'll put in my day of work then head over to check out the convention.  Unfortunately I also have to paint like a madman to finish off the last of the team tournament miniatures.  Here is what is on the docket tonight, 11 half finished bikes!!! 

Tomorrow I'll post up the finished Malcador Infernus as well as play around with my shiny new camera at the convention. 

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