Friday, February 24, 2012

First Batch of Hellions Finished

These Hellion models may be my favorite models in the range.  Dynamic, individual, and most importantly plastic!  It doesn't hurt that with the Baron they actually perform well in the game too!  I've finished my first batch of 5 Hellions.  9 to go and 1 Baron.

They've taken me a little longer to paint then I expected, but I keep changing up my list so that doesn't help.  Here is what I need to complete on the Dark Eldar project before Adepticon:

- 2 more Raiders
- 1 Wych
- 9 Hellions
- 1 Baron
- 6 more Razorwing Flocks (flying rippers)

Additonally I have to do:

- Team Display Base
- Vehicle Wrecked and Destroyed Templates
- Pain Tokens
- Creative Army Lists
- Banner
- Standard Display Base
- Webway Portal

Honestly, I haven't even started my dwarf pirates for the Fantasy Team tournament... going to be a lot of painting in the near future!


  1. Excellent work, the extra effort paid off.

  2. Thanks Warflake! Yeah they're a bit of work, but the models are well worth it.


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