Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baron Complete

I wrapped up another 4 Hellions and more importantly, the Baron.  I did a little shoddy job on the greenstuff on the wings of his skyboard, but the gold designs I did help mask it.  I may at some point do another version of him with the right wings so I don't have to do such a hack job.  Here's the completed work.

Here he is with the other 4 Hellions I finished today.  Now I only have 5 more to go. I'm hoping I can make some progress if not finish them tomorrow.  The next project will be the custom beast masters (on cold ones).

I'm going to pick up some 3" foam spheres at the craft store to work up a webway portal.  The plan is to try the quick webway drop with 3 small beast packs coming out of them.  More Dark Eldar as the week goes on, and potentially some dwarf pirates!

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