Sunday, May 20, 2012

Annihilation Barge and Necron Progress

I just finished the first of my many Necron vehicles, the Annihilation Barge.  I have to say, the decals that were provided with the vehicle really made the model pop.  Unfortunately after looking at the photo I snapped, the focus was on the distant part not the decal so it came out blurry.  I've decided not to do any finish effects outside of the gloss on the greens.  Do you think the teal should move up to a semi-gloss / satin?

I'm about half way finished painting my first Ghost Ark and last night assembled the 2nd one.  This model with all the elements has to be the most time consuming model in the range for mold line cleaning.  Very cool though, it really captures the Necron themes.

I also finished painting an additional 11 warriors and 2 crypteks (minus their orb colors).  It's been a busy week.  My 3 tomb spyders come in on Monday, and I have a friend helping me with a "swarm cast" of scarabs in which I'll add real ones to the top. 

Here's how the project is shaping up.

- 16 Warriors
- 2 Scarabs
- 2 Crypteks
- 1 Annihilation Barge

On the Painting Table in Progress
- 1 Ghost Ark

- 1 Ghost Ark\
- 2 Crypteks
- 10 Immortals
- 14 Warriors
- Necron Lord
- Command Barge

Yet to Assemble
- 1 Annihilation Barge
- 4 Night Scythe (hoping the model is launched in a couple of weeks)
- 3 Tomb Spyders
- 30 or so scarabs


  1. Nice colour choices.
    I always think Necrons look way better "Egyptianed" than just silver silver and more silver.

    good stuff!

  2. Nice color choice. I did a turquoise/steel army of Necrons ages ago. I like the way it provides great contrast while keeping the model's appearance on the cool end of the color spectrum.

    I like what you've done with the Annihilation Barge, but damn is that model busy! I think keeping the steel/turquoise matte and adding gloss to the green will provide some great contrast.

    Keep up the great work BC!

  3. Brian,

    They look great man! Excited to see this army completed and its good to see you so eager to get new things on the table top. However, that is very like you to do post Adepticon. Move on to the next bigger and better thing.

    1. Alan, yeah I have a special disease... it can't be stopped! I guess I like the whole process of creating more then the finished project.


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