Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adepticon Recap: Warhammer Team Tournament

The third day of Adepticon.  Usually at this point I'm so exhausted (which I was).  This time, I got to slow things down, relax and play a game I had no clue how to win at!  We took a very themed pirate all gunpowder list comprising of dwarfs (me) and empire (Dan).  We knew we didn't have a shot but wanted to just have fun, drink rum, and roll some dice.  We accomplished that!  Honestly at the end of the tournament I started picking up on strategies for Warhammer, so I think I can actually do OK once I get a proper list.

That's a lot of boats, and sea monsters!
Our team, MFSM (Most Friendly or Mother F'n Sea Monsters) teamed up with another two friends of ours that themed nautical armies as well.  The rule was each army had to have a sea monster.  The other team, Drew & Max did lizardmen and undead. 

Max, Drew, Me, and Dan

Max and his undead parrot missing an eye and losing a wing!

Here's some shots of our armies.  Since Dan couldn't take a sea monster, his kraken was the Beasts spell 6 that could be summoned.  Sadly the beast never stayed in play since every time he cast it, he either forgot the spell on a miscast or some other nasty result. 

That's an undead MFSM, yo!

Drew's beautifully painted lizardmen

Sea barge lizardmen style

Drew created the MFSM template to show where his turtle was on the board if there were problems

What a beautiful MFSM. Lots of sculpting.

The Kraken attacks.  As you can see, the wizard has a fishing pole to "summon"

We had a great time getting our butts kicked going 0-3.  One of our highlights in the first game was Dan's harpoon carrying wizard (or sea monster hunter), was able to successfully cast the amber spear and killed a dark elf war hydra.  That's a land-sea-monster hunter at it's best. 

Our army ready to be slaughtered!

Firing from the hill

The two cold ones pictured charging the artillery hill successfully killed most of our army!

The custom MFSM dice being throne that successfully killed the Hydra.  See the harpoon wizard calling the shot!
Our last game didn't go much better, we got run down by some ogres and orcs.  The highlight of the game was my "anchor" unit of thunderers on the right flank.  They were charged by a big unit of savage orcs.  I proceeded to kill 9 in the stand and shoot volley and in two combat phases caused the remaining boss to route.  He rolled double ones... which normally would mean an auto run down, but not my stunties... I rolled double ones as well and since I subtract one, I basically stood still.  Must have been a rum break.  I proceeded the next turn to shoot him down, I guess pirates aren't much for a fair fight.

shoot as much as possible before they get here!

The artillery hills before the ogres came and wrecked house
Dreaded double one's

Here's a few of the pictures of armies I was able to take.  As usual I was having such a good time looking at them I didn't remember to take shots.  I missed a great beastmen and "evil" wood elf army that looked absolutely beautiful together.


for those of you that know me, you know I have a love for conquistadors!

civil war dwarfs!

Those are some freaky looking spiders.  Very creepy, I love them.

Overall a very fun time and I appreciate the players choice award!  It was fun being back to Warhammer after a ten year hiatus.


  1. Hey Brian those looked great. Congrats on player's choice. love the live blogging. The connection at the hotel must have been real sloooowwwww.....:)

    1. Yeah that connection was so bad that something that normally would take me 10-15 minutes took over an hour. When we're getting as little sleep as we did Adepticon weekend I figured it wasn't worth it!

  2. Beautiful stuff. I also made my return to Warhammer this year by throwing myself in the "Its How You Use It" 1000 pt tournament and then having my very kind opponents teach me 8th Edition on the fly since 6th was the last one I really played. It was actually my highlight of the weekend.


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