Friday, May 18, 2012

Necrons: Paint Plan

I think I've heard enough Grey Knights hate, so I've been full speed ahead assembling and painting my shambling hordes of robots.  Here is the first batch of Necrons finished.  To help tell the units apart, I'm putting a little symbol on their shoulders.  This is a pretty easy paint scheme, and I think it works for the 'crons. 

The majority of the armor is a simple drybrush and wash.

- Base black
- Heavy brush of Tin Bitz
- Drybrush Dwarf Bronze
- Drybrush Burnished Gold
- Drybrush Mithril Silver
- Wash of Jade Green.  I'll need to find an alternative when my last bottle runs out!

"Metal" (guns)
- Paint Chainmail
- Wash black wash

Power rods, painted in successive smaller highlights
- Dark Angels Green
- Paint in Snot Green
- Paint in Goblin Green
- Paint in Scorpion Green
- Gloss coat with 'Ard Coat gloss

Teal Highlights
- Paint Hawk Turqoise
- Line highlight Ice Blue
- Wash Gryphonne Sepia
- Paint on little squad markings with Burnished Gold.

- Paint Khemri Brown
- Drybrush Desert Yellow
- Drybrush Bleached Bone

I have found that the new GW inks are truly shades and don't work for me anymore.  After reading online reviews, the Army Painter washes are awesome and a close match for Badaab Black, Devlan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia.  They're doing the trick for me.

Done, and simple.  I think almost the assembly (especially the vehicles) is taking me longer.  I think I'll end up using some of the Necron decals for the vehicles.  They look pretty sweet and will save me time. 

Here's the list as of now I'm toying with.  I had a hard time figuring out the last 150 points... I really needed about 200 to do what I wanted. I ended up buying a transmogrification cryptic to ride with a unit of immortals, and beefed up my non-farming scarabs. 

2k Necrons (I may not have the options exact)

HQ - Overlord with warscythe on Command Barge
HQ - Cryptic Harbringer of Destruction, Solar Pulse (rides in ghost ark)
       - Cryptic Harbringer of Destruction (rides in ghost ark)
       - Cryptic Harbringer of Transmogrification, tremorstave and seismic crucible (rides with immortals)
Troop - 5 Warriors in Ghost Ark (backfield holder)
Troop - 5 Warriors in Ghost Ark (backfield holder)
Troop - 7 Immortals with tesla carbines in Night Scythe (dropped off mid field)
Troop - 5 Warriors in Night Scythe
Troop - 5 Warriors in Night Scythe
Troop - 5 Warriors in Night Scythe 
Fast - 8 Scarabs
Fast - 8 Scarabs
Fast - 3 Scarabs (base for the scarab farm)
Heavy - 3 Canoptek Spyders
Heavy - Annihilation Barge
Heavy - Annihilation Barge

This list gives me one turn of night fight, a whole lot of twin linked tesla destructors (6) and a bunch of armor 13.  The Overlord helpss with the heavy stuff that needs cracking, and hopefully the scarabs can have an impact.  I just can't get myself to do a fully cloned/spammed list.  Maybe I'll go that route. 

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