Friday, May 16, 2014

40k 7th Edition Live for Pre-Order

Yep, that's right.  Head on over to Games Workshop Pre-Orders to get your copies for the May 24th launch.  It looks like the big "gamers edition" that they usually do adds a few pieces of product that isn't available for general pre-order yet.

It contains all this stuff for $340

$85 - Rulebook (able to be ordered)
- Galaxy at War (part of the rulebook combo)
- Dark Millennium (part of the rulebook combo)
- Mini Rulebook (not yet, they'll hold this as a incentive to get people to buy this thing)
$74 - Visions of Dark Millennium (able to be ordered, art book)
$8 - Objective Cards (able to be ordered)
$15 - Psychic Cards (able to be ordered)
- 6 objective tokens (part of this kit)

I was completely off on my earlier assumption, didn't realize all the stuff that was included in the normal $85 price.

That would be $182 of "known" value.  If the mini-rulebook is $50, the value of the core of the kit is only $232.  That means the tokens and the fancy box are about $100 in value.  I guess that and the quick reference guide.  I'm now feeling like I got swindled a bit.  Ah well, should have done my calculations before I hit "order"!

Not sure if I really care about some of the books but I'm a sucker for 40k.

On to the 7th edition!

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