Monday, May 19, 2014

Imperial Knight Paladin Finished!

First one is done!  Yeah that's right, finally got my first knight titan finished.  What a fun model.  Lots of areas I was able to completely load up on heraldry.  I decided to go with house Hawkshroud.  They are all about noble houses that pledge themselves to causes.

In the fluff it talked to extended campaigns where they're assigned.  I figure this could be the tie into my Knights Angelus color scheme (and dark angels icons).  So I redid their normal yellow colors in a similar scheme as my imperial force.

One thing I changed up a bit from the normal knight heraldry was the placement of the divisions on shoulder pads.  I have the campaign/house stuff on the right side and the personal heraldry of the knight on the left.  It appears that in the books they go front/back vs. left/right.  I like mine better, but it means that I'll have a hard time using the imperial knight transfers since they're set up for the GW method.  

I had a blast going with multiple decals.  It looks like heraldry overload, but I wanted that Bretonian look.  I spent extra time with Micro Sol and Micro Set to get the decals smooth.  In addition I worked up ard coat below and above the decal.  Then put a coat of matte coat over the top.  Anything red/white/black was a satin finish.  Golds were done in gloss ard coat.  

The base was a dragon forge design with my etching of the dark angels symbol.  I added in some grass and fake leafs.  

I really, really enjoyed this kit.  It took me awhile as I figured out the best method to paint it up.  Painting multiples will be a bit daunting but I'm going to jump right in.  I may go back and clean up or extra detail certain parts, but for now it seems to work.

Next up on the docket are a few leman russ tanks!


  1. Well done. This is a gorgeous model. I really like how the DA symbol came out on the base, and your little subtle touches to it.

    Your highlighting is superb. I haven't seen that particular technique before, and it makes for really vibrant contrast.

    Are you putting down a black line, then highlighting with your bright color? Or is the black coming just from a wash? Oh man I have so many questions.....

  2. Greg, it was something I saw the studio do to try and highlight recessed plates.

    Since they don't have any raised areas or edges (since they're under the trim), I actually did an ink blackline between the trim and plates, then did a highlight right up against the blackline.

    Hopefully it came out ok, this is my first time trying something like that. They look so sloppy magnified under the camera! I should probably spend a little more time with control, I get so impatient sometimes.

  3. Brian,
    I think they look fantastic. I wouldn't worry too much about the perfect lines. You only see that in a really zoomed in shot (from a camera). I'm sure when its sitting on the table in front of you, it looks phenomenal. (Of course if you are like me, you are never 100% satisfied!)

    It's an interesting method, and I think I'm going to try stealing it on my tanks, as I deal with flat red areas as my main color spots...this looks like it would really make them light up!


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