Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Titan Base with Dark Angels Symbol

I got some Titan bases in from Dragon Forge, and I figure I would add a little custom symbol in to make it a little more unique.  I absolutely love the two ranges, Sanctuary and Ancient Ruins.  This base was originally from the Ancient Ruins side.  All of my imperial armies use some variations of these bases.

I thought to give it a little custom flair, and since I am "Knights Angelus" (basically silver dark angels), I'd break up the basing a little with the Dark Angels symbol.  Since I love gold, I planned on just painting it on.  After sketching in the symbol, I thought it would look cooler if I etched it in.

So I broke out my dremel and put on the etching bit and went to town.

Here's where it stands right now.  I think I'll wait to finish it off until I place the model on.  Then I may add some water effects and a little bit of grass growing in where the stone breaks up. That will also break up the base and add some interesting elements.  I also have a soft spot for the fake leafs and will add those in as well.

Didn't get a chance to take a shot of my progress on the knight, but the legs are 90% done and the torso and shoulder pads are about 75% done. It's been a lot less mind numbing by breaking it into pieces for painting.


  1. Fantastic! I have exactly the same base from Jeff. It's nice to see what people do with them. Never thought to take a dremel to his creations. Looking forward to continued progress on the knight!

  2. Thanks Greg. Yeah I absolutely love Jeff's bases. Just thought I'd break it up a bit to add my army's icon

  3. He needs to release a "diorama" kit for ruins like he does for sanctuary and lost empires. I think that's the only thing the knight base is missing, some vertical interest. The knight is so tall (especially if you don't use the default loin banner), there is a ton of space there for all sorts of interesting ruins and such.


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