Friday, July 1, 2011

Creating a Portable Display Base: Design

Now that I have a rough idea on where I would like the display base to go, my next step is to put the army on the board to make sure everything goes together.  As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once!  There is nothing worse then to have the project half way done to find out that it doesn't meet the specs.  I took out my Imperial Suns and placed them approximately on the board where I wanted them.

By doing this I notice that the placement s tight but will work.  I'm going to keep the board from being overly symmetrical by putting the road on a curve and creating one of the bluffs on the rear larger then the other.  I took a marker and traced my basic shapes.  In this board, I'm going to make the road about as wide as I'll need for a land raider.  That will accommodate most vehicles. 

I will keep the river small.  Since this board is only 18" x 24" I don't have a ton of space.  The back two bluffs will be raised at least an inch above the front of the board to give it the backdrop I mentioned before.  The road itself will be "cut" from the rock and gently sloping down.  I'll use some of my leftover Hirst Arts blocks to make a quick and dirty bridge and the cobblestone pattern for the road.

As one of the goals is to keep this board lightweight, I want most of my material to be foam.  The cobblestone pattern is also super light and I'll just cut it to shape.  I will not be gluing down the statues or the portable defenses so not only will be it easier to transport, but I can use the same board for a Warhammer display board.

This weekend I'll start shaping the foam base and putting down the terrain effects!


  1. Thanks, Brent! It's liberating doing a simple portable base and not something so time consuming.


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