Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creating a Portable Display Base: Painting (2)

This display board has been flying by.  It's relaxing to do some easy speed painting and not have to worry about fine details.  I'll be quickly back to those once I get working on the rest of my Imperial Suns for Nova.  At this point my display board is done being painted.  I'll just need to flock and add snow once the water effects are completely dry in a week.  Here's how I worked through the statue and battlements.

I'll lump the picture progression together.  Here's the steps I did. 

- Base in Charadon Granite
- Dry brush Codex Grey
- Paint eagle and electronic bits in the back with Chainmail
- Wash with 50/50 black and brown wash.

- Base in Tin Bitz
- Dry brush Dwarf Bronze
- Light dry brush Burnished Gold
- Light dry brush Mithril Silver
- Healthy watered down wash of Jade Green (yes I still have some).
- Stone base with the same colors I did the display board; pewter dry brushed with white mixture.
- Black washed the stone for a little definition.

I'm happy with how fast and easy they were and I think they turned out great.  Here's what I'm working on next.  Assembled 5 scouts with shotguns, a predator and a vindicator.  This combined with fixing a terminator and tech marine and I'll be ready for Nova!

The illustrious priming box
Now the trick will be to get a bunch of practice games in from now until the end of August!

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