Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nova: Imperial Suns Progress (1)

I had a great extended weekend in Northern Wisconsin... no internet or phone access. It was really nice to get away.  Being a smart (and with a very understanding wife) hobbyist I brought up miniatures to paint.  Even though I forgot a lamp, I was able to paint during the daylight hours. 

For Nova at the end of August, I'm bringing my Imperial Suns space marines.  No major tricks, just a balanced list (maybe a little light on troops). Here's an example on what some of the army looks like.

I have yet to paint a predator, vindicator and 5 scouts.  That and finish up the display board, make some destroyed vehicle craters and smoke, and all the little extra stuff like pretty army lists.

Here's where I got over the weekend.  I put my first level shading on the vehicles and my first level highlight on the blues and yellows.  I won't go any further with the yellows until I'm done with the blue.  I find that the leftover paint on my sloppy fingers turns the yellow green.  I'll work on the symbols later too. The scouts have the base yellow and blue down with shading.  Now to build up the colors there.  Not bad for lacking my usual light source!

I'd like to do some fancy designs on the front of the vindicator.  The siege shield is begging for some freehand work.  Right now all I can think of is just an ornate sun.  Any suggestions?

I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow, so no painting until the weekend.  I'll try and get a good dent in my vehicle painting and finish up the display board.


  1. Brian, I think they are coming along very well!

    I look forward to seeing your army in person in a mater of weeks. I saw your Blood Angels at Adepticon and they were awesome. Maybe this time I will introduce myself.

  2. wow thats amazing! the yellow is lovely and the freehand is mindblowing!

    as for the vindicators shield how about a sun puffing out the wind? or possibly a sun centerd over the cannon and some sort of hero at the side?

  3. Amazing work sir.
    The suns look fantastic!

  4. Thanks all for the kind words. I'm really looking forward to getting them out at Nova.

    Stillfrosty: hopefully we can meet up!

    Fuzzbucket: I like the idea of the sun puffing, that could be really cool.


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