Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Painting Pirates (1)

While my display board for Nova is drying, I figured I'd switch gears and work on some pirates.  I assembled 5 of the dwarf slayer pirates, the ogre pirate and the collector's edition pirate.  This army will be more of a "speed painting" army so I have time to work on the extras.  Plus I have a feeling the dark eldar will take a ton of my time for the remainder of the year.  Here's some in-progress shots of the pirates.  I'm just laying down base colors in preparation for a heavy wash of black & brown wash.

The big pirate ogre will be a unit filler in my handgunner squads.  In my 1k list for Adepticon Fantasy Team Tournament, I plan on basically only running:

- 3 units of 10 handgunners
- 10 huntsmen (skirmishing pirates!)
- 3 cannons
- 2 rocket batteries
- Engineer

My teammate will be running a similar list only mortars instead of rockets and a wizard instead of an engineer.  We'll get our butts kicked, but it'll be a wacky fun list.  The idea is maximum gunpowder!

Here are some work in progress on assembly.  I will be using one of the leadbelchers as a stand in for a cannon, and I need to sculpt on pirate hats for most of the unit (and ogre).

I'm flying out to Minnesota tomorrow, and on a little vacation Saturday through Tuesday, followed up by an immediate trip to Vancouver!  This means not a whole lot of painting time before Nova.  I might sneak some tanks on my trip over the weekend and get some relaxing painting in.

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