Friday, November 11, 2011

Adding to Black Templar for the weekend tourny

This Saturday we have a 1,750 tournament at our local GW store, one of our monthly series.  It brings a competitive group of guys and our best rule is that models have to be fully painted.  Which means that my Dark Eldar are not quite ready yet for prime time.  There has been an influx of Grey Knights players (as everywhere else in the country) so many of my armies just can't hang with the nasty Paladins.  They rule out my Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard.  I just don't feel inspired to play one of my many other armies...

So late Wednesday night I though of a fun list that would be flexible and challenging.  All infantry Black Templar.  When I tried them last I didn't have enough down range anti tank.  A little gem in the army list is the ability to take two cyclone missile launchers in a 5 man terminator squad and give the squad tank hunter.  I already had 5 of them ready to go, so it just means painting them up and I can get them on the field tomorrow.

Tonight will be spent staying away from Modern Warfare 3 (yes I'm a sucker for that series) and painting up some Black Templar.  It's funny to see how much you improve over the years.  I'm looking at how I painted this army (5 years ago) and how I'd do it different.  Unfortunately I need to keep to the same style to keep the army looking similar. Here's my close assault terminators, and the 5 regular ones I need to paint.

Here's the list I'm thinking of running.  I can't find my damn codex but luckily I still have army builder on my computer.

HQ: Emperor's Champion with the preferred enemy vow. (probably rides in the drop pod or attaches to the big infantry blob)
HQ: Chaplain with bolt pistol and three cenobite servitors (to attach to the big terminator squad)
HQ: Chaplain with bolt pistol and three cenobite servitors (to attach to the big infantry squad)
Elite: 10 assault terminators, 7 LC, 3 TH/SS. Furious Charge.  I wish I had more painted Thunderhammers...
Elite: 5 terminators, 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers. Tank Hunters
Troop: 10 Initiates (with power fist), 10 neophytes
Troop: 5 Initiates (with power fist & melta-gun), 4 neophytes in drop pod with deathwind missile pods
Troop: 5 Initiates with bolters and a lascannon
Troop: 5 Initiates with bolters and a lascannon

Nice thing is it only gives up 10 kill points in a 1,750 list.  Two nasty close combat blocks that can run in the movement phase and the chaplain with cenobite servitors really pushes the unit forward if they get shot.  I only have 6 Effective strength 9 shots and 1 meltagun, but we'll see how the list hangs.

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