Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Necron Vehicles - Lots 'O Assembly

Wow, the Necron vehicles are a bit of work to clean and assemble.  Maybe because I'm used to doing marine boxes, I've gotten off easy on assembly.  At least the painting should be fairly quick.  I put together an Annihilation Barge as well as the Ghost Ark.  I took the instructions advice and left off the "fenders" and necron warriors to paint separately.  I'll let you know if that ended up being a good idea or not.  It will mean I'll have to use super glue instead of plastic cement, but they aren't high stress joints so it shouldn't be an issue.

I also have assembled some Dark Eldar Scourges and Hellions.  Since it's fairly warm (basically not freezing cold) and sunny, I'll be able to get some priming in this afternoon.  This holiday weekend my goal is to paint:

- Crew for Venoms and Ravagers
- 10 Dark Eldar Warriors
- Necron Ghost Ark or the Annihilation Barge. 

I'd also like to finish assembling my Black Templar.  Too many projects to juggle at once!


  1. Little tip. You can glue plastic parts together with plastic cement even after they're painted (at least if you used acrylic paint). The glue eats right through the paint and connects the plastic like it would normally.

  2. Antipope: Thanks for the tip! Plastic cement creates such a better bond, I would hate to lose it on a plastic model

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