Saturday, November 12, 2011

Templar Terminators Done

Ah, how tedious painting black is... every mistake of highlighting is magnified tenfold.  I just finished up the 5 terminators in the nick of time.  I'm now off to the 1,750 tournament, should be the last time I use power armor in awhile.  It'll be all Dark Eldar and Necrons moving forward.  Here's the finished product.

My next project that is just started are another batch of Necrons and the flying rippers that will be used as razorwing flocks.  I think the rippers really capture the feel of the flock way better then the metal birds. 

I also had the chance to base about 2k worth of Dark Eldar.  Assembly line here we come!  I'm off to the Chicago Battle Bunker.  I can't wait to get some structured games in, I really miss playing.

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