Sunday, March 4, 2012

What the Flock?

The time is ticking until Adepticon.  Since I changed up my list for my Dark Eldar (yet again), I'm going to try and run three small packs of beasts with solely razorwings.  I assembled and painted up another 6 bases worth.  Here's the finished photos of the last batch of flying rending counters.

Combined with the previous 6 bases, it's an intimidating sight!  That's 72 rending attacks on the charge.

I also assembled an additional beast rider out of the cold one knights.  I'm going to start painting them this week once I'm back from a business trip to Canada.  Here's where they are at.

I have an 1850 tournament this coming weekend. It would be nice to get everything painted by then, but it looks like again I'll just have basic colors on some of the models.  Getting 6 beast masters, 2 raiders, 5 hellions, 1 wych, and raider crew finished by then with two days of business travel means no dice... ah well!


  1. Really digging the primal feel that you have built up for this murder...i mean that is.

  2. @HOTpanda thanks for the kind words. Yeah I wanted to go with a primal feel on the beast pack, the birds were way too harmless!


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