Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adepticon: 22 days left and a lot of painting!

Wow, I am way behind this year.  You would think I would be more on top of things but real life and that stupid star wars game wrecked my "hobby time".  With only 22 days left of painting I have quite a lot of things yet to paint. 

Here's what's on the workbench docket.  I figured I need to do at least one hour of painting a night and spend at least three days with 4-6 hour sessions.

Dark Eldar

 - 5 Beastmasters (half painted at this point)
 - 5 Hellions (half painted at this point)
 - 4 Raider crew (half painted at this point)
 -  1 Wych (half painted at this point)
 - Web Way Portal (need to create & paint)
 - 5 Objective Markers (need to create and paint)
 - 20 paint token dice holders (assembled, need to paint)
 - 30 vehicle wreck templates (wooden bases done, now need to create/sand/etc)
 - quick/fast display base for championship: I'm going to use my beer cart stand and do a quick topper, nothing elaborate this year.
 - creative army list for championship
 - creative army list book for the team tournament

... is that it? Nope, I have a warhammer team tournament army to paint... almost from scratch!

Dwarf Pirates

 - 22 pirate "thunderers"
 - 10 war machine crew
 - 2 war machines
 - Sea Monster (he's friendly)
 - 1 master engineer
 - sea display board
 - assemble and paint ships as a display board
 - barricades to count as shields for my thunderer units
 - creative army list for the team
 - extra pirate stuff for theme

Yeah, I'm screwed!

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